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Work Force

Freshup car washing employees are highly professional and trained war washers. Our staff has excellent car washing background and possesses good expertise in the jobs they handle. The availability of car washing talent is the core of Freshup carwash ability to respond with quality services to the many needs of its clients. Our human resources are our greatest asset and we believe that they are the key to a healthy and successful business establishment. We recruited the most professional and qualified workforce available. The company success has been built on the dedication and skills of its staff. We always consider. Improving and developing our human resources is the top priority. This enables us to provide the good services to our customers.


Training of staff is a very important part of our business and we believe it is the key to a healthy & successful business establishment. Professionally trained staff always provides the finest service to our customers. We consider improving & developing our human resources as the top priority. Training is all about transmitting specific skills down to the trainees & their practices to perfection. Our training programs are designed maximum insight into our maintenance services. some of the basic training provided....

  • On Job Training
  • Technical Apprenticeship program.
  • Weekly Lecture / Training classes.
  • Specialized training Programs
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Customer fulfillment Team

The Customer fulfilment Team is the operational team or the design and development team that works on all customers and their requirement base projects. We believe that the key to lowering Total Coast of Ownership lies in good maintenance and infrastructure & development. The customer support and care Team starts working and resolving the problems where the most difficult and serious condition of the customers requirement leaves uneasy and un happened. They put all their effort to resolve and sort out customer satisfaction.